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Image displaying Windshield Liner 5-finger

Windshield Liner 5-finger

$45.00 34250-100

Color Black

A supple stretch liner with grip print on palm. Touch point on forefinger and thumb. Perfect for those who want to keep their gloves on while using touch screens during runs or when out walking. It is also excellent as a base liner under your thicker gloves, when it is really cold.
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Machine washable

Touch screen



One of the most important sustainability efforts at Hestra is building thoughtfully designed products that will get better with time. Replacement liners extend the life of your gloves and many of these options can also be worn on their own as lightweight gloves.


Skiing | Climbing & alpinism | Outdoor | Hiking | Powerwalk | Running | Ski touring | Everyday winter | Hunting & fishing | Snowboard


Machine washable | Touch screen compatible

Outer material

Fleece 250g

91% polyester 9% spandex

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