Below you will find answers on our most frequently asked questions regarding our products, glove care and orders.

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What is my Hestra glove size?

Many people are either the same size in Hestra gloves as their US shoe size, or within one. Please look over our size and fit guide, and compare the results with your US shoe size. If they are similar, you’re on the right track.

While our European numerical sizing is more precise than the usual Small, Medium, Large that you are more familiar with, it can also be helpful to think of our Men’s/Unisex size range as follows - 5=XXS, 6=XS, 7=S, 8=M, 9=L, 10XL, 11=XXL. Women’s-specific styles align more like this - 5=XS, 6=S, 7=M, 8=L, 9=XL.

How should my gloves fit?

If your gloves do not fit properly, you will probably know it. Sizing can come down to personal preference - some users prefer a tighter fit than others. For our Sport gloves, we recommend having about ¼ inch of material at your fingertips for maximum warmth (see warmth section below).

Try the pinch test - while wearing the glove on one hand, pinch the fingertips of the gloved hand. You should feel about ¼ inch of material at the fingertip. Your fingertips should be in contact with the insulation material, but should not compress that material too much.

More than ¼ inch of material at the fingertips usually means your natural body heat cannot warm the insulation. If the gloves are too tight, you compress the insulation too much for it to properly do its job.

You can find our size and fit guide below to help determine your glove size.

Size guide

Are women's/junior sizes the same as unisex/men's? For example, is a women's 7 the same as a junior 7? And are they the same as a unisex/men's?

No, gloves made for Kids/Juniors/Women use different size tables.

Baby/Kids sizes run 0-6 and are for younger children ages 0-7.

Junior sizes run from 2-7, and are for older children ages 2-13 (a Baby/Kids 3 is smaller than Junior 3).

Women’s sizes run from 5-9.

Unisex/Mens sizes run from 5-13 in certain styles, most Unisex/Mens styles are offered in sizes 6-11.

You can find our size and fit guide below to help determine your glove size.

Size guide

What is the difference between a women's style and a unisex/men's style? Junior and women's? Baby/kids and junior?

The main difference between a Unisex/Mens and a Women’s style in the same size number is that the Women’s style is shorter in finger length and narrower in hand circumference. If you wear a Women’s size 7 and would like to order a Unisex/Men’s style, order a size smaller, a Unisex/Men’s 6. A Junior is shorter and narrower than a Women’s. A Baby/Kids is shorter and narrower than the Junior.

You can find our size and fit guide below to help determine your glove size.

Size guide

Do you have measurement guides for kids/junior styles?

No. We provide Kids/Junior styles size guides by age, but we do not have a measurement guide for Kids/Junior styles.

You can find our size and fit guide below to help determine your glove size.

Size guide

Will I wear the same size in all styles?

Usually, but not necessarily. Most users wear the same size across the board, but certain styles like our Ergo Grip models are designed for excellent dexterity by providing a very snug fit. Some users prefer to size up in those styles for a more generous cut.

Many users prefer to size down in Dress gloves, where a tighter fit is more desirable than in our Sport gloves, particularly if the Dress style is unlined.

Should I order the same size in all three layers? (Baselayer, liner, every day glove, shell glove)

Most times it is fine to order the same size in each of these gloves, but some users prefer to size down in their baselayer liner so that it fits snugly enough to provide great dexterity without restricting circulation.

If you wear a size 7 for your everyday glove, a size 7 shell/overmitt is your best choice, but you might try both a size 6 and a size 7 for your baselayer liner to see which you prefer. Just leave all tags attached until you are certain which liners you plan to keep. See our return policy and our size and fit guide.

I’m in between sizes, which size should I order?

It depends on the style and your fit preference. You may find the best result by ordering both sizes you are considering, trying them on for fit, and returning the size that does not work for you. Please do not remove the tags from your gloves until you are certain you will keep them. See our return policy below.

Returns policy


Waterproof VS water-resistant

Are all of your gloves waterproof?

No, not all styles are waterproof. Only styles that include a waterproof breathable membrane like GORE-TEX, CZone, or CZone Tactility are fully waterproof. Other styles are water-resistant. If you ski in wet snow, we recommend using a waterproof style.

Is Hestra leather balm a waterproofer?

No, Hestra Leather Balm is a leather conditioner. It helps to keep leather well hydrated and supple, but it will not make your gloves fully waterproof.

Can I use a dedicated leather waterproofing treatment instead of Hestra leather balm?

While Hestra Leather Balm is not a dedicated waterproofing treatment, we cannot vouch for the quality or efficacy of the various dedicated leather waterproofing agents available on the market. All leather conditioners and treatments will darken the color of your gloves, so if you choose to use a dedicated leather waterproofing treatment, please test a small area first. Results and/or effects from using a dedicated leather waterproofer or leather conditioner other than Hestra Leather Balm are not covered under our warranty.

Outer materials

Army Leather

Army Leather is our most durable leather, originally used to make gloves for the Swedish military. A specially treated goat leather that withstands tough outdoor conditions. It is white because it was originally produced for winter military use and needed to be camouflaged for snowy, winter conditions.

Eco cuir

Hestra Eco Cuir is a trademark-protected cowhide that is tanned without the use of chrome or synthetic dyes. The leather is saturated with grease to repel moisture. It’s beautiful natural color develops a lovely patina over time.

Dobby Melange

Dobby Melange is a durable, wind-and-water-resistant, breathable woven fabric. The composition is 97% Polyester/3% Spandex, which provides good stretching and abrasion-resistance properties.

Hestra Softshell 4-way stretch

A durable and supple stretch fabric made of polyamide and spandex. It is wind-and-water-resistant with good ventilation properties.

Gore Windstopper Softshell

A windproof and water-resistant stretch fabric with excellent breathability characteristics.


A wind-and-water-resistant, soft polyester fabric with good breathability characteristics.


A durable and supple stretch fabric made of polyamide and spandex. It is wind-and-water-resistant with good ventilation properties.

Design features

Ergo Grip

Ergo Grip refers to extra seams on certain Hestra styles that follow the natural curves of our fingers, providing unmatched fit and dexterity. Styles with Ergo Grip fingers are designed to provide maximum dexterity. They normally have a tighter fit and have less insulation than other models, so they are not among our warmest options.

Eagle Grip

Eagle Grip refers to extra seams on certain Hestra styles that follow the natural curves of our fingers, providing unmatched fit and dexterity.

Snow Lock

Snow lock is Hestra’s name for the elastic gauntlet cinch. It helps keep snow on the outside and warmth on the inside.

External seams/outseam stitching

External seams provide improved comfort for the fingers by keeping seams outside of the glove rather than folding them in, where you can feel them inside against the fingers.

Vertical Cut

Vertical Cut refers to the outseam stitching on the fingers, which allows for a closer/better/more tactile grip on a ski pole. It is a technique used in some of our Alpine Racing and Alpine Pro gloves to provide exceptional fit.

Wolf Paw

A patented fingertip reinforcement design that eliminates seams from the fingertip, which is usually the seam exposed to the most wear and tear - a great feature for snowboarders who frequently drag fingers across the snow.

Liner Materials


A soft and warm synthetic polyamide fabric liner with a fleece-like handfeel.

Wool Pile/Terry

A knitted material with curly fibers and terry loops that can trap large amounts of air to help keep your hands warm.

Merino Wool

The wool from merino sheep has a very fine fiber structure which gives a soft and comfortable feel.

Insulation terms


A polyester fiber with four microscopic air channels in each fiber that provides better insulation properties.


G-Loft is a very thin, hollow polyester fiber with exceptionally high insulating capacity even in wet conditions. G-Loft is quick drying, ventilated, very compressive and easy to wash.


An insulating material made from polyester fiber


Thermolite is a polyester-based thin and supple insulating material. It retains its insulating properties, even when wet.

Primaloft Gold

A soft, down-like polyester that is warm, breathable and water resistant. Unlike goose down, it maintains its insulating properties even when wet. Primaloft liners are warmer than most stock liner options.


Swisswool is made from 88% wool from Swiss sheep. The other 12% is corn starch. It provides good temperature regulation for warmer conditions, where one might normally get sweaty hands, and is comparable with stock liner options for cold weather performance.


Will my leather gloves stretch over time?

Sport gloves generally do not stretch over time, but thinner leathers used in our dress gloves like peccary, carpincho, deer, elk, and lamb nappa can stretch. For details about re-shaping your dress gloves, see our Glove Care Guide below.

Guide - Glove Care

When and how often should I apply Hestra Leather Balm?

Our leather conditioning balm extends the life of your gloves by helping to maintain the leather’s flexibility and durability. The more you use your gloves, the more frequently you will need to apply conditioning balm.

Most recreational skiers find applying the balm once at the beginning of the season, once mid-season, and once more when you hang the gloves up for the off-season to be sufficient. If the skin feels or looks dry, apply conditioning balm.

Do not apply Hestra Leather Balm to dress gloves. Only use it on Sport gloves made of goat leather or cowhide.

Please see our Glove Care Guide for more information on how to take care of your sport- and/or dress gloves.

Guide - Glove Care

How do I apply Hestra leather balm?

Watch the video in our Glove Care Guide about how to properly care for your Hestra Sport gloves.

Applying leather conditioning balm to your gloves will darken their color. To test for appearance, apply a small amount of balm in an inconspicuous area before treating the entire glove surface.

Guide - Glove Care

Do I need to apply Hestra leather Balm on my brand new sport gloves?

Brand new Hestra gloves do not generally need to be treated with leather balm, but it will not harm them. If the skin looks or feels dried out, apply a small amount of leather balm as shown in our glove care guide below.

Guide - Glove Care

Should I apply the leather balm to the sport fabric parts of my gloves?

No. Please only apply a small amount of Hestra Leather Balm to the leather on your Hestra Sport gloves.

Can I use Hestra leather balm on my dress gloves?

No. Our leather conditioning balm is only meant to be used on our Sport gloves made from goatskin or cowhide leather. The fine leathers we use in our dress gloves do not accept the conditioning balm in the same way. For information about caring for your Dress gloves. please see our Glove Care Guide.

Guide - Glove Care

Will Hestra leather balm make my glove waterproof?

No. Hestra Leather Balm is a leather conditioner, but it is not a dedicated leather waterproofing agent. Our leather balm will help with water resistance, but will not make your gloves fully waterproof.

If you need to make your leather Sport gloves waterproof, there are many dedicated leather waterproofing agents available. Hestra cannot guarantee their quality or effectiveness, nor can we cover their performance or the effects of their application under our warranty.

Can I wash my gloves?

If your sport gloves get dirty, spot clean them with a mild detergent and a clean cloth. Avoid exposing leather to water if possible. If your gloves get wet, allow them to dry at room temperature, keeping them away from any heat sources.

For styles with removable liners, you can remove the liner and wash them separately. Wool liners must be hand washed and dried flat. Synthetic liners can be machine washed and line dried. If your gloves do not have removable liners, do not turn them inside out to wash the liners. It can be difficult to put them back in place correctly. Rather, consider using a washable baselayer liner.

In general, leather gloves should not be washed. In the unlikely event that you need to wash your leather gloves, spot clean stains using a mild detergent and a clean cloth. Fully synthetic gloves can be machine washed as indicated on their care tag.

For more information and for instructions for washing your sport- and dress gloves, please see our wash & dry guide.

Guide - Wash & dry


How can I keep my hands warm?

By following the "Hestra Glove System". Watch the video in our how to stay warm guide to learn more.

Guide - How to stay warm

What is your warmest model?

Our warmest options in our Sport range are the Army Leather Extreme Mitt (35161) and the Philippe Raoux Mitt (35171). These styles are the most heavily insulated options we offer without swapping out stock liners or using an electronically heated option.

If you tend to get cold hands, please see our How to Stay Warm Guide to help keep hands warm the Swedish way.

Guide - How to stay warm

My gloves have removable liners, can I swap out the stock liners for a warmer option?

Yes. The warmest liner option we offer is the Army Leather Expedition liner for 5-finger and 3-finger models, and the Primaloft Extreme liner for mitts. These styles are replacements for the stock insulation liners in unisex styles like our Heli Ski series. They are only offered in sizes 7, 9, and 11. If you wear a size 6, 8, or 10, you should choose the next size up in these liners. If you have a women's-specific style, choose one size down if available.

Why do so many of your gloves have white leather palms?

The white Army Leather on many of our gloves is part of our heritage. Hestra has been designing gloves for military use for many years, and, similar to the 10th Mountain Division here in the USA, one of the key requirements is winter/snow camouflage, hence white leather gloves.

Can I use my liners on their own?

Some liners can be used as a baselayer liner for extra warmth, or as a separate glove for warmer weather applications like hiking, running, or cycling (like the Windshield Liner - 34250). Other liners are too thin to be good choices for uses beyond baselayers for extra insulation (like the Silk Liner Touch Point - 34170), or are designed as replaceable options designed only for use in combination with a shell (like the Heli ski Liner - 34070). These liners should not be used on their own.

My liners are packing out. Which liners are the replacements for the stock liners in my gloves?

Many styles can be paired with different liner options, based on personal preference. Wool Pile/Terry liners tend to wick moisture away better for users who get sweaty hands, synthetic materials tend to have a softer hand feel, and Primaloft insulated options are generally warmer than the stock insulation. See below for details about replacement liners.

Unisex Styles

The Army Leather Heli Ski, Army Leather Patrol Gauntlet and Army Leather Extreme series replacement liners are the Heli Ski Liners.

Another compatible option is the stock liner for our Narvik Wool Terry series, the the Heli Ski Wool Liners, or the Heated Liners.

If you run cold in your Heli Ski/Patrol Gauntlet/Narvik style, you can consider a Primaloft insulation option, either the Primaloft Extreme Mitt Liner, or the Army Leather Expedition Liner for 5-finger or 3-finger styles.

Army Leather Patrol series uses the Patrol Liners; the Wool Pile/Terry Liner Short is also compatible with the Patrol series and is the stock replacement liner for the Army Leather Wool Terry and Sarek models.

The Fält Guide Gloves use the Wool Pile/Terry Liners.

Women's Styles

The Heli Ski Female and Women’s Patrol Gauntlet use the Heli Ski Female Liners; another compatible option is the Women's Heated Liner.

The Women's Patrol Series uses the Women's Patrol Liners.


How should I store my gloves for the off-season?

When it is time to put your gloves away for the summer, consider applying a bit of leather balm if needed. Do not store wet gloves. Once they have dried, store your dry gloves in a cool, dry place until needed in the fall. If you have the space, you can hang them from the finger loop or metal gusset at the wrist. Otherwise, store them laying flat to help them keep their shape.

How should I dry my gloves if they get wet?

If your gloves get wet, allow them to dry at room temperature, away from any heat sources. If they have a removable liner, pull the liner out to dry separately (wool liners should be dried flat). If your gloves have a finger loop, hang them from the finger loop to allow them to dry with the wrist opening downward.

Miscellaneous / other

Do my gloves come with handcuff wrist straps and/or a carabiner?

Not every style comes with handcuff wrist straps and a carabiner. To see whether the style you would like to purchase comes with these items, look under “Details” on the product page. If they are not included, you can purchase them separately, but please note that not all models have anchors for handcuff wrist straps.

Can I get a custom liner and shell glove setup without getting the style's usual stock liner?

We do not currently offer glove shell/liner customization packages. You can certainly purchase a different liner to use instead of the stock liner that your preferred style comes with as a standard feature, but that liner will need to be added separately.

What is the loop on my finger for?

Many styles have finger loops. They are used for hanging the gloves when not in use, keeping the wrist opening downward. You could also hang the gloves from the metal grommet at the cuff, but we recommend using the finger loop to keep debris like pine needles from falling into the gloves during a hike, or to help wet gloves dry out faster by preventing water from collecting at the fingertips.

What does BT mean on a dress glove?

BT is an abbreviation for "Button" - a unit of measurement traditionally used in glove making to specify the length of the cuff. The length is measured from the beginning of the glove thumb and upwards on the glove towards the wrist. "1 BT" indicates a French inch which translates to 2.7 cm, or just over one imperial inch. A glove with a length of 2¼ BT measures about 6 cm, or about 2 ⅜ imperial inches from the thumb attachment upwards to the wrist.

Are CZone and GORE-TEX the same thing?

Both are waterproof breathable membranes. CZone is Hestra’s proprietary membrane material, while the GORE brand produces GORE-TEX.

Do you offer custom gloves?

We do not currently offer bespoke gloves or custom features.

The style that I want is not currently available on your website, what can I do?

We encourage you to check for that style with our network of retailers. If it is sold out everywhere, we normally receive our season’s inventory in the late summer or early fall, and we do not expect to receive new inventory mid-season.

E-commerce order & delivery


How do I track my order?

Once your order ships, you will receive a notification via email with your order’s tracking information. If you have any questions about your order’s shipping progress, please refer to the tracking link you received, or contact our Customer Service team at cs@hestrausa.com for assistance.


What is your return policy?

Hestra USA accepts returns only for unused items purchased directly from our website within 30 days of purchase. Returned items must be in new condition with tags attached. We provide a prepaid $7 return shipping label for your convenience. If you use the provided label a $7 deduction is taken from your overall refund.

To make an exchange, please return your original order for a refund and place a separate order for the desired item(s).

Returns with 5+ items are subject to a 10% restocking fee.

How do I make an exchange?

To make an exchange, please return your original order for a refund and place a new order for the desired item(s).

Where can I access my prepaid $7 return shipping label?

A FedEx Ground return shipping label should have been included with your order. Please contact Hestra USA Customer Service if you need a replacement return label.

I received an item as a gift and would like to exchange it for something else, what should I do?

If the item was purchased from one of our retailers, please contact the retailer who originally sold the item. We cannot accept returns for items purchased from our retailers.

If the item was purchased directly from our website, it will need to be returned for a refund as described above, and a new order will need to be placed for the desired item.


How long will it take to receive my refund?

Refunds are processed as soon as possible once your return is received. It may take up to 3 business days to process your refund in-house, and it can then take a few additional business days to appear on your card statement. Refunds are processed to the card used in the original purchase.

The amount of my refund is not what I expected. Why is it different from my original order total?

The refund amount reflects whether you used our $7 prepaid return shipping label and the number of items returned. Most refunds are $7 less than the original item’s total because most consumers choose the convenience of using the prepaid return shipping label. Outbound shipping fees are not refunded. If you return 5+ pairs of gloves, your return is subject to a 10% restocking fee.



What does your warranty cover?

Hestra warranties our gloves to be free from manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials for the useful life of the gloves. The useful life of the gloves varies based on the frequency and intensity of use, and no, the useful life of the glove is not the life of the user.

Hestra reserves the right to determine if the gloves meet this criteria. At our discretion we will either repair or replace the item free of charge. Wear and tear is not covered under warranty, nor is that type of damage repairable.

Electronics in our heated items are covered under warranty for two years from purchase date - a dated proof of purchase is required to establish warranty coverage period.

Accidental damage and normal wear and tear from use are not covered under warranty.

Because every person and every day is different, warmth is not covered under warranty.

What is not covered under warranty?

We will not warranty items against improper use, accidental damage, unauthorized modification or alterations, normal wear and tear, normal variance in leather, improper care or drying, discoloration, negligence, or if the item was used for something other than what it was designed for.

Because every person and every day is different, warmth is not covered under warranty.

“Normal wear and tear” can be described as the normal breakdown of leather or other fabrics due to regular use, causing holes, rips, or thinning to occur. This is not something that can be repaired and is a normal sign of aging in leather goods and sport fabrics.

“Normal variance in leather” refers to the normal variance in leather grain structure, slight color variances, occasional marks and minor irregularities. Natural markings like these are not considered defects but rather an indication of genuine leather.

“Accidental damage” includes but is not limited to: thinning or holes from wear and use; damage from rope tows, cigarette burns or ashes melting the fabric; cuts or rips (from skis/snowboards, knives, tree branches, falls or abrasions, other accidents, etc.); an animal destroying the glove(s); cracking of the leather from not conditioning it with leather balm; fading, bleeding, or discoloration of leather or other fabrics; over-treating of leather with leather balm; damage to gloves due to the application of duct tape or other adhesives; damage due to improper care or cleaning, etc.

This list provides some examples of warranty exclusions, but it is not exhaustive. Every warranty inquiry will be carefully evaluated.

I think I have a warranty issue, what should I do?

Please review the warranty coverage questions here, and if you believe you have a warranty case, please submit the online warranty inquiry form found below.

You will receive a reply from our warranty department via email asking you to send your gloves in for evaluation. Please do not send your gloves for evaluation until you have received instructions to do so from our warranty department. Hestra does not cover inbound shipping for warranty evaluations, but if your gloves qualify for warranty repair or replacement, we will cover the expense of repairing or replacing your gloves (at our discretion) and returning them to you.

Link to warranty form

Do I have to pay to send my gloves in for warranty evaluation?

We handle everything once the gloves arrive at our facility, but you will have to cover the cost of sending your gloves to us for evaluation. If they qualify for warranty repair or replacement, we will either repair or replace them at our discretion, and return them to you at our expense.

My electronically heated gloves are not working properly. What should I do?

Electronics are covered under warranty for two years from purchase date. Please review the information found under the section dedicated to electronically heated items below before submitting a warranty inquiry form online.


How long will it take to repair and return my gloves?

Our turnaround time for repairs depends on volume, but most times, a repair is completed and returned within 2-4 weeks, including shipping transit time, even in the heart of the season, although some repairs take longer than others.

We strive to professionally repair and return your gloves to you as quickly as possible. For reference, most other brands offering mid-season repairs take 6-10 weeks to repair and return your item.

I don't want you to repair my gloves, I want a replacement instead.

While we understand that you may prefer a brand new pair, if your gloves are covered under warranty and they can be repaired, we will repair them rather than discard and replace them.


What qualifies for replacement instead of repair?

Only manufacturing defects that cannot be repaired qualify for replacement. Most warranty cases are repairable. If the gloves can be repaired, we will repair them rather than replace them. Hestra reserves the right to determine which warranty issues qualify for replacement.

Submit a warranty inquiry

To submit a warranty inquiry, please review the warranty details here, then submit your online inquiry form through the link below.

Link to warranty form

Electronically heated styles


How do I use my heated gloves/mittens/liners?

After initially charging up the lithium ion batteries, connect the charged batteries to the glove at the connection port at the wrist. Turn the heat setting to its highest level to preheat the gloves for a few minutes to get them up to temperature. Then, reduce the heat setting to the lowest or middle temperature setting. This provides the best combination of battery life and warmth.

Don’t forget to recharge your batteries after a day’s use.

Where are the heating elements located?

All Hestra electronically heated items have heating elements at each fingertip, including thumbs. Mittens have four heating elements distributed across the back of the hand at the fingertips. Gloves have heating elements in each separate fingertip. The heating elements are located on the back of the hand, approximately where your fingernail is.

Heating elements are located only at the fingertips, and there are no heating elements on the palm side.

Battery life

How long will the battery last on the different settings?

Various conditions, including temperature, can affect battery life. On a full charge, the battery will last approximately 2 hours on its highest setting, 4-5 hours on medium, and 8-10 hours on low.

Do you sell extra batteries?

We offer spare batteries for sale as individual units on our website, but most users find that properly charging and using the gloves as described here provides the warmth they need to stay out on the slopes.


How to troubleshoot your electronically heated gloves

If your heated style is not working properly:

1. Make sure the batteries are fully charged and the cables are securely connected.

2. If one glove works and the other does not, please try plugging the charged battery from the working glove into the glove that will not heat.

3. Turn the glove on to the highest setting and leave it to heat up for 10 minutes or so, then try it on to see if it heats.

If they heat, we know that replacing the batteries should solve your issue.

If not, please complete the online form at the link below to setup a warranty claim.

Set up a warranty claim

Please note that we cannot repair electronic failures, so gloves or batteries that show electronic failures within the two-year warranty period are replaced.

Single gloves

I lost one of my gloves/mitts. Can you sell me just one?

Normally no. We do not often have single gloves or mitts available, but occasionally one turns up. If you are looking for a single replacement glove or mitten, please contact our USA customer service team via email at cs@hestrausa.com and provide details for the exact model, color, size, and which hand needs to be replaced, as well as whether you are flexible about an exact match, and we will ask our warehouse staff to check for you.

Please note it can take up to ten business days to hear back from them regarding single glove inquiries.

If you aren’t sure which model you have, please send a photo via email and we can check for you.


How can I get sponsored by Hestra?

Hestra athletes have strong social media presence and/or place well in events and have values that align with Hestra’s. As much as we'd love to sponsor every up and coming athlete, it is not always feasible. We have very little turnover on our team from year to year, and we do not anticipate bringing on any new team members for now.

Corporate HQ visits / will call pickup / return drop off

Can I come by your office in arvada, Colorado to pick up my order/try on gloves/drop off a return or a warranty?

Our USA office is not a retail location. We are not set up to receive consumers, but we have many excellent retailers nearby, nationwide, and online. If you would like to try on Hestra gloves, please visit an authorized Hestra retailer.

We do not currently offer will call pickup or return/warranty drop off.

Gift cards

Do you offer gift cards/certificates?

We do not currently offer gift cards or gift certificates, but many of our retail partners do. Please contact an authorized Hestra dealer found in our store locater.

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