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Peccary Handsewn Lambskin Lined 20090-710

Color Cork

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An exclusive winter glove in peccary leather with a light, warming lambskin lining. Cut by hand by glove cutters in Hestra’s workshop in Budapest, this is a timeless, stylish men’s glove featuring skilled craftsmanship – perfect for the coldest days of winter.


Men’s lambskin-lined 
peccary glove...

A classic winter glove in peccary leather, lined in lambskin. Here, two incredible natural materials come together in an exclusive winter glove for the style-conscious gentleman.
Its unique properties – strength, softness, insulation and unsurpassed suppleness – make peccary one of the finest glove materials in the world, while the soft, curly fibres of the lambskin keep hands warm even at ultra-cold temperatures.
The glove is cut by hand by glove cutters in Hestra’s workshop in Budapest. These skilled craftspeople follow the traditional methods developed in seventeenth-century France which produce gloves with an incomparable fit and feel to this very day. Every pair of gloves that leaves the workshop is a masterpiece in miniature, superb in terms of its materials and stitching.


Table Cut

Hestra Table Cut gloves have been handcrafted by expert glove cutters with the finest materials in accordance with the original practices of the craft from the 17th century. Every glove is a one-of-a-kind creation with the most exquisite fit.





Handsewn | Table cut

Attached Lining

Lamb fur

One of our warmest linings. Lamb fur insulates your hands well during the coldest winter days.

Outer material


Peccary comes from a wild boar from the Amazon jungle. The leather is soft, supple and isolating and is considered to be the most exclusive gloving leather.

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