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Narvik Ecocuir Mitt 30941-280

Color Navy

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A classic mitten with a longer cuff for downhill skiing and winter touring. Made from weather-resistant, durable material: chrome-free Ecocuir cowhide and waxed polyester/cotton fabric. The warming wool liner can be removed to wash or dry.

Removable lining


Chrome free





Classic mitten 
with removable liner...

The Narvik Ecocuir Mitt is a classic, long mitten sewn in hardwearing, weather-resistant material which is kind to the environment. The leather, for example, is Ecocuir cowhide, tanned without using chrome or synthetic dyes. It has a natural colour and gains a patina over time. The backhand of the glove is in hardwearing cotton/polyester fabric, waxed to withstand wind and moisture. But durability doesn't mean it's any less functional in the winter mountains. For example, the lining is removable and made in wool, nature's own functional material, wicking away moisture and warming even when damp. It is easy to wash and dry and you can swap linings in and out if switching between levels of activity. A high cuff stops snow getting in while a wrist strap reduces the risk of losing a glove if you take it off to adjust your equipment. A versatile, reliable companion for downhill skiing, ski touring and winter outdoor adventure. As a mitten, it’s ideal if you’re looking for a little more warmth for your fingers, but it is also available as a 5-finger glove.


Alpine Pro

Alpine Pro gloves are inspired by freeriders, mountain guides, instructors, and others who place high demands on their gloves. Skiers and riders who ride in varied mountain terrain and weather conditions will find the right glove in this category.

Product origin

Rakamaz, Hungary

HESTRA Hungary Founded by Hestra: 2011

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Skiing | Ski touring | Snowboard


Ski touring

Ski touring




Carabiner | Elastic at wrist | Handcuffs | Removable lining | Snow lock | Puller at cuff | Wrist strap with velcro closure

Attached Lining

Wool pile | Merino wool terry
Wool pile

75% Wool, 25% Polyester pile, soft and comfortable. Holds air and keep the hands warm.

Merino wool terry

A knitted material which curly fibers and terry loops together can bind a large amount of air. 100% Merino wool.

Removable lining

Included Liners | Compatible Liners
Included Liners

This liner is included when buying 30941 Narvik Ecocuir Mitt

Compatible Liners

By replacing your worn out lining, you will both extend the lifetime of the glove as well as caring for the environment. Other suitable liners for 30941 Narvik Ecocuir Mitt

Outer material

Maxvax | Chrome-free ecocuir cowhide

60% cotton, 40% polyester.

Chrome-free ecocuir cowhide

Impregnated cowhide, chrome-free tanned.

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