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Leather Lotion 9001259-000

Color White

Look after your gloves so they last. Hestra Leather Lotion is an easy-to-use nourishing lotion that quickly absorbs into and moisturizes the leather, preserving its suppleness and its water-repellent properties. Ideal for Hestra’s goatskin, cowhide, deerskin, elk leather, lamb nappa and peccary fashion gloves.

Hestra Leather Lotion 
for fashion gloves...

Hestra Leather Lotion has been specifically formulated for fashion and walking gloves, and moisturises leather so it lasts longer. The product contains tried and tested ingredients with softening and preservative properties.
USE: Apply a small amount with a polishing cloth. Test on a small patch before rubbing into the whole glove. Light leather may darken slightly. Leave to dry for 5–10 minutes and then brush up with a soft brush, which removes excess and also brings out a gentle sheen, if desired.
NOTE: We recommend using leather lotion only on fashion and walking gloves made of goatskin, cowhide, deerskin, elk leather, lamb nappa and peccary. Avoid using this product on nubuck, suede and carpincho, as they cannot absorb the lotion and will become shiny and sticky.
We recommend using Hestra Leather Balm on goatskin and cowhide sports gloves with a water-repellent surface.



A little care will extend the life of your gloves and keep them beautiful for years to come. Hestra leather balm, Handcuff glove leashes, and accessories are the ideal complement to your Hestra gloves.

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